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Letter Brush Painting

Letter brush painting is a quick, zen brush, painting technique. Letters are formed from natural elements, such as flowers, dolphins and other animals, and much more; names and words are create in minutes.

These paintings are a very unique and creative souvenir for guests because they are hand done, customized, and created on the spot in minutes.

Themes for letter brush painting include:
Zoo Animals
Super Heroes
Star Wars & Cartoon Characters


Our caricatures are a perfect fit for any event or location. Our artists can provide black and white or full color caricatures in minutes; providing high quality artwork that your guests can take home. Our artists have years of experience drawing adults and kids alike, and know how to make people smile. You can also upgrade to full color with a body with a theme of your choice.

Themes include, but aren’t limited to:
Sea/Tropical- Dolphins, whales, fish and surfers.
Fantasy- Princess, mermaids, knight and pirates.
Zoo Animals- Tigers, lions, bears and other zoo animals.
Sports – Football, Baseball, Soccer, etc.

Customized paper with the name of your event is also available. (i.e. Jack and Diane’s Wedding, Mike’s 5th Birthday, etc.)

Face Painting

Perfect for any party or sporting event, we take your kid’s imagination to the next level. We provide on site face painting for any occasion. We used highly trained professional artists, who are gifted with speed and patience. We use 100% non-toxic, hypoallergenic, theater grade paint, that washes cleanly with soap and water. We offer full and half face designs that include animals, superheros, masks, sports logos and more!

Henna Tattoos

Are you looking for something different to make your party stand out? Henna tattoos are the way to go. We have 1000’s of sample designs to choose from and use 100% organic henna, which will give your guests new a style for up to 10 days after your event. We can create custom designs of your choosing, names, or symbols.

Airbrush or Glitter Tattoos

Looking for something with a little more color? Airbrush tattoos are perfect for giving you the look of a tattoo, without the permanent effects. Our collection of stencils allows you to choose from a wide variety of themes for any occassion. We also use body safe paint that will not cause irritation, but lasts for days.

Costume Characters/Theme Parties

Have your kids ever wanted to meet Elsa from Frozen or any other character from their favorite movie? We can help! Our cast of actors and closets of costumes will turn your theme party into an unforgettable experience that your child will remember for the rest of their life.

Photo Booth – Coming Soon!

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